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Welcome to Palantir Crossroads, the Internet's Star Trek - Lord of the Rings Crossover Fanlisting!

Here you will find stories by authors from around the world who have brought these two fandoms together in strange and creative ways. Palantir Crossroads is meant to show how imagination can intertwine such vastly different fandoms together while also making it easy for fans to find more stories. Unlike other crossovers, the number of stories with the Star Trek - LOTR pairing is incredibly small. Readers and writers alike may not have even thought that such an idea of joining the two fandoms in a story could work but once they do, it is difficult to find more easily. Palantir Crossroads has been created to bring a compilation of information to one place so that fans and authors can share and enjoy.

Please take your time and look around for something that may interest you. Links to stories can be found under the Star Trek show categories. If you know of any stories that are not mentioned in the fanlisting, please send an email to the webmaster.


**Website Disclaimer: Palantir Crossroads makes nothing financially off of fanfiction stories or promotion of Star Trek and/or Lord of the Rings.**